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Local Attractions

Hell's Gate Airtram (visit website)
Located in British Columbia's supernatural interior, only 1.5 hours drive from Mission, Hell's Gate is nature at its most magnificent. At peak spring levels, over 200 million gallons of water surge through this 35 metre (110 ft) wide gorge. That is twice the volume of Niagara Falls!

With the help of man's creativity, an aerial tramway takes you on a spectacular ride high above the location where pages of history have been written. From Simon Fraser's death defying voyage to the great Fraser Canyon battle during the Gold Rush and finally, the devastating slide that occurred during the construction of the Canadian National Railway. You will stand in the midst of it all after a gentle 500 ft descent from highway level to river level on board the tramway.

Minter Gardens (visit website)
Located in the heart of the Fraser Valley, only 45 minutes drive from Mission, Minter Gardens is one of the most beautiful gardens in the world! Centuries ago, a massive mountain slide suddenly swept over the fertile lands of the Eastern Fraser Valley. This rock fall pushed north across the Fraser River and ended its westerly flow at the area which is now Minter Gardens. The unique land formations which were created left an area unsuitable for crop farming, but early settlers found it ideal for raising cattle and other animals. Tall native specimen trees added to the charm of the location and thousands of wild Geraniums, Columbine, Roses and Bleeding Hearts added a finishing touch to this magnificent setting. It was this site which Brian and Faye Minter first saw on Christmas Day, 1977. Because the topography is so unique and the setting against 7,000 foot Mt. Cheam is so picturesque, instantly one of those once-in-a-lifetime dreams was born: To create one of the most beautiful gardens in the world! Their dream became reality in May of 1980. 11 individual gardens reflect the seasons at Minter Gardens magnificently. Spring opens in dramatic fashion with a parade of colour to dazzle the senses.

Mission Museum (visit website)
The Mission Museum is located in Mission, a small city in the heart of the Fraser Valley with a rich history, which is also the site of Canada's first train robbery by the notorious Billy Miner in 1904. The Museum's permanent displays trace the history of Mission from the first peoples who lived in the area, through the arrival of Father Fouquet and his establishment of St. Mary's Mission, to the arrival of the railways and recent developments. Also featured are special displays of kitchen, logging and farming artifacts from early settlers, as well as the famous Western Canada Soap Box Derby. The Museum offers a wide variety of tours targeted specifically for children, as well as material for adults. Tour materials are available in French or English, .Throughout the year there are a variety of special events including Antique Evaluations and Lemonade on the porch.