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This business is dedicated to making a difference so that each customer will receive a warm British Columbia welcome, friendly service and an invitation to come back again.

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About Hell's Gate Jet Boat Tours

Hell's Gate Jet Boat Tours offers local and visiting travelers a rare opportunity to see the Fraser Canyon and Hell's Gate from the water. For many years, the only people who frequented the canyon were a few local fishing guides and First Nations who still today fish the Fraser Canyon for sockeye and chinook Salmon.

For the past 14 years, local guide company STS Guiding Service has been offering guided sturgeon fishing adventures in the Fraser Canyon. These trips often ventured deep into the canyon where many guests experienced not only great fishing but the incredible scenery that the Fraser Canyon and Hell's Gate offer.

Vic Carrao & Our Team

Vic Carrao is the owner of STS Guiding Service. Vic spends most of his time on the water guiding over 220 days a year. When Vic is not on the water you will find him on the soccer field, swimming lessons, dance lessons, water skiing or on the ski hill with his wife and 2 daughters. There is no one in the valley who spends as much time on the water as Vic and his team of Professional guides.

Listening to guests raving about the incredible scenery, history and spectacular experience has made us realize that there is much more to the Fraser Canyon than just great Sturgeon fishing. In 2007 STS Guiding Service began offering guests the opportunity to see the canyon without having to spend the entire day fishing. STS has expanded the list of outdoor adventures in the 2008 season by including Hell's Gate Jet Boat Tours, which offers a wide variety of Jet Boat Tour options.

We are not only offering Jet Boat Tours in the Fraser Canyon, but we are also offering scenic tours of Pitt Lake, Upper Pitt River, Lillooet River, Harrison Lake & Harrison River. We can customize any adventure to suit groups of up to 60 people and we can include guided fishing for salmon, trout or sturgeon. When you hire STS, you can be assured that you are getting the best knowledge and service in the entire region.

Come join us for an adventure of a lifetime!